The idea of Fermenting Change in Oregon began in 2015 following Susan Sokol Blosser’s participation in a conference filled with 500 men and women in the wine industry from around the country. Susan sat on a panel bringing insight to Oregon wine through the lens of family business and generational planning. Following Susan’s time there was a serious moment of reflection, we sat over breakfast and thought, this fills a gap in the Oregon industry. There are many collaborative events in Oregon but none that specifically focus on women.

Oregon has long been known for forging new paths; from planting varietals on a new frontier to putting wine in a can. With that is a beautiful history of women, their stories thread through the Oregon story seamlessly. As we move forward in Oregon, we see more and more women at the table. Through Women in Wine, we hope to bring those voices forward in a more balanced way. To create a platform of inclusion for all. Diversity is the key to the future of all business and the Oregon wine industry is no different. Women in Wine seeks to be a part of the change. As Oregon has shown for decades, a rising tide lifts all boats. Women in Wine seeks to support the next chapter of the Oregon story. We see an opportunity for personal and professional development for all people in the wine industry, vineyard to front line sales.

Board Members

Carrie Anderson
On-Premise Sales Rep, Co-President Women’s Partner Network, Young’s Market Company - Oregon, [email protected]

Christine Clair
Winery Director, Willamette Valley Vineyards, [email protected]

Jennifer Clark
Controller, Sokol Blosser Winery, [email protected]

Tom Danowski
CEO/Executve Director, Oregon Wine Board, [email protected]

James Frey
Winemaker / Owner, Trisaetum, [email protected]

Sarah Graves
Chief Relationships Officer, Invite Change, [email protected]

Kristin Marchesi
Director of Operations, Beck Family Estates
[email protected]

Merideth McGough
Production Winemaker, Union Wine Co.

Merritt Olson
Executive Director, Willamette Valley Wineries Association, [email protected]

Morgen McLaughlin
Director of Sales, Mitchell Wine Group, [email protected]

Amy Prosenjak
President, A toZ Wineworks, [email protected]

Briana Seeley
VP Consumer Sales, Adelsheim Vineyards, [email protected]

Alison Sokol Blosser
Co-President/CEO, Sokol Blosser Winery, [email protected]

Anne Weaver
Co-Owner/CEO, Elephants Delicatessen, [email protected]

Cheryl Wilkerson
Administrative Assistant/Event Coordinator, Young’s Market Company - Oregon, [email protected]

Committee Members

Julie Dalrymple
Director of Marketing & Communications, Classic Wines Auction, [email protected]

Andrea Frey
Co-Founder, Trisaetum

Annette Gregorich
Director of Human Resources, Young’s Market Company, [email protected]

Jessica King
Country Financial

Molly McWhorter
Cellar Club Manager, Willakenzie, Penner Ash

Brianna O'Gorman
Portfolio Manager, Mitchell Wine Group

Raechel Sims
Director of Communications and Consumer Sales, Cristom

Susan Sokol Blosser
Founder, Sokol Blosser Winery, [email protected]

Hope Telford
Winery Studio Director, richard brown architect aia

Brent Workman
VP, Portland Branch Manager, Young’s Market Company - Oregon, [email protected]

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Women have long led the way in the Oregon wine industry with many of our founding families full of strong, independent women. Continuing on this tradition, a group of Oregon wine industry members came together to establish Women in Wine: Fermenting Change in Oregon dedicated to advancing and supporting women in all facets of the Oregon wine industry.

Through this annual event, we seek to elevate and inspire, developing change leaders, and role models for the wine industry: advocating and activating for diversity and gender equality, and fostering mentorship to be a strong example for the wine industry.